MRE PLUS Herbal High

$33.00 $9,350.00

MRE Plus is our newest brand and its one of our strongest.

5x stronger than our MRE regular

Use with CAUTION


MRE Plus is our newest brand and its one of our strongest.

5x stronger than our MRE regular

This is a VERY Strong blend and should be used with caution and only by an experienced user.

Scent Rating 10+/10

Use with CAUTION

This product is not for human consumption

All our products come direct to you in heat sealed foil bags, keeping the freshness sealed in right to your door.

This makes sure you get our freshest blends



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1 gram, 3 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams

41 reviews for MRE PLUS Herbal High

  1. nikki976

    Magical! Nice end to a busy day .very relaxing . This is an excellent product 👌

  2. marionnorris

    This stuff is great! Really strong. Excellent customer service too.

  3. damian

    Knocked my socks off! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT

  4. andrewrothe436

    Excellent product for those experienced, or a great extension with a lower strength. Staff are Brilliant, excellent communication

  5. milzy1992


  6. steven

    ### ATT. Look lets talks real for a sec.
    1st I smoke everyday and i live in Central Qld post was 6 days inc weekend so 5stars
    2nd now this is where it gets intresting becouse i normaly get this other stuff online but they stoped doing any discounts /promos so i found L.H.G and i tryed it was just as good as what im used to i got the 3 g to start and now im gonna get 2x7g im very happy and feeling verry good its a great blend thanks L.H.G

  7. motive00

    Always great service and excellent product as well as very fast delivery just great to deal with LHG

  8. rebeccah

    Awesome stuff!

  9. nick_j_b

    Best mix for me personally! Fastest delivery!! Great customer service (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  10. rebeccah

    Awesome stuff! You only need a small amount to get you going! Will definitely buy again!

  11. ajautomotive00

    Great product,Take Care with it,very potent and very good.Excellent customer service.Will continue to deal with LHG for sure.If only all online businesses were as reliable.10 out of 10

  12. Anna

    Great stuff hubby loved it ordering my second order highly recommend

  13. ngreen8271

    Yer jesus This stuff is strong Fast delivery been mixing it with tabaco

  14. Angus

    Great company to deal with,VERY HONEST,fast delivery and product is exactly as advertised.Who could be unhappy with that?A very good experience and I am a definite Advocate for LHG.Thankyou for being so pleasant to deal with.TRY it for yourself,absolutely no chance of Dissappointment

  15. andrew

    Excellent staff, grab this item. Excellent.

  16. danni

    Very strong product! LGH are the best group I’ve ever dealt with! Really friendly and fast shipping, and best products for all ranges!

  17. Andrew

    This product is excellent. Have tried other suppliers, but LHG items are excellent and value for money. Great relaxing item, but very strong, and worth it.

  18. Jim

    Nice blend. Easy and smooth and works well. Helps relax but also when it wears off not like a hangover your mind is re-set and ready to go. 5***** from me. Cheers j

  19. Aimee

    Strong shit. I hadn’t been that high in a very long time. I’m a regular smoker,and this stuff rocked my socks off! It took me 2 days to be brave enough to give it another go. Take it easy!

  20. Bianca

    Smooth very nice pleasant smell highly recommended perfect for relaxing after a hard day

  21. Beatle

    This will be my 5th purchase of the 14g pack & what a way to go. The best hits & the best sensations ever especially with a partner. Nothing comes close to this amazing stuff. Thank you LHG

  22. Sam

    This is one of the best you can find in Australia. Bought a few bags so far and haven’t been let down

  23. Andrew

    Great product. Excellent communication. Excellent Aussie business.

  24. Mit

    All consuming, transported me from the now to a different level and that ride was stimulating and a shock to get there so quickly! I would recommend to anyone who is interested in reaching that moment in time when you know that life is different and exhilarating at the same time!

  25. Buzz

    I did a purchase of 14G this time & still the best buzz as previous purchase. Delivery was very quick also.

  26. Patrick

    From Mild Wicked to Wild MRE plus this is a great product, great service would definitely recommend. I love the convenience off home shopping, I’m going to try them all. Thanks.

  27. oprolevorter

    Some truly nice stuff on this site, I love it.

  28. Andrew

    All items are great and both wife and I use bot for medical and fun at home. Great service, great people, try all products and try to fit the best for you.

  29. Anthony

    I just started ordering from these guys after the other site ive been buying from for the past six years suddenly changed third product makeing it almost inactive. On my second order from here now. I cannot believe I put up with that old site and the grumpy a-hole running it. The product here is way better , better communication and better service in general. This blend is great 5 stars. Going to try Bangkok betty next!

  30. Drew

    Yeah worth it’s money great stuff

  31. Nick

    Best mix. Nice & strong & smooth. Fast delivery. Definitely 10 out of 10

  32. Wombat 420

    Quick Shipping and strong product, not for the faint hearted. Word of advise, put all glass bongs into a safe position before indulging lol Hit me harder than expected, normally the 5 x stronger thing is just a marketing tool but with this product I believe it. 1 cone rocked my world for 20 mins +. Thanks Legal High Group for being legit.

  33. sharise


  34. Buzz Lightning

    Amazing product. Very strong & the best highs but I advise new users be cautious with ratios.

  35. liltommys_

    Good hit

  36. at470034

    Strong but wears off too quick

  37. Schon

    Great product very strong recommendation

  38. Michelle

    Great high

  39. sjp_801

    Great hit, fast and great service as well
    I would highly recommend:)

  40. twisteybird

    Love this stuff! Full time smoker, gives a nice couch rot but use with Caution!
    5/5 would recommend!

  41. smashdcrab

    Nice fine mix and strong , fast delivery, great customer service

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