Bangkok Betty Herbal High

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This one is the strongest blend we have and it’s NOT for the first time users. Has a large hit right from the start.


This one is the strongest blend we have and it’s NOT for the first time users. Has a large hit right from the start.

This is a VERY Strong blend and should be used with caution and only by an experienced user.

Scent Rating 8/10

This product is not for human consumption

All our products come direct to you in heat sealed foil bags, keeping the freshness sealed in right to your door.

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1 gram, 3 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams

43 reviews for Bangkok Betty Herbal High

  1. nikki976

    OMG ! Extremely strong . Make sure you’re sitting down for a fair while . The aroma blew me away . Bloody fantastic 😄

  2. lillyrat68

    Great product, super strong, long lasting

  3. damian

    Ordered it a few times, absolutely love it

  4. schonchrist

    Great stuff totally worth it for the breakthrough and expanding consciousness and opening mind

  5. chacea

    Wow what can I say.. this takes me back to the early herb scene all them years ago.. awesome taste and an awesome hit. Daily smoker have been for years and this stuff hits me for 6 with a full cone. Good for a grill in small amounts.. great for naps or when you want the brain to shut down when ya pack a Mt Everest. If you’re not tolerant I’d go easy on this.

  6. nick_j_b

    Ahhh the classic Bangkok Betty. Can’t go wrong.

  7. rebeccah

    Awesome blend! Sets you up for a great night of binge watching Netflix 😉

  8. vbchat

    Tried some from a friend. Gets the job done im happy

  9. Miahc

    Very happy with this product and store. Came very quickly and good tracking. I haven’t had anything for over a year but this smashed me after the very first toke! And I used to be an everyday smoker but was very pleased with this effect and even duration was good. Well done! I will certainly be a repeat customer!!

  10. cjwalsh68

    No worries. It’s all good

  11. shannon19942020

    Great love it fast service it could be a lot stronger though I ordered Bangkok Betty but I’m not sure weather I got sent the Bangkok betty

  12. Danni

    Such a good product – Bangkok Betty is probably the best my partner has had.

  13. Jessica

    Bangkok Betty and Voodoo are my Faves. Very strong only need a little bit then work your way up. Oh and have some water with you. Great Stuff, Great Shop, Delivery’s not too bad, takes about a week due to auspost delays (Corona) but the shop usually sends your package in 24hrs.

  14. Dave

    5 stars…Bankok Betty is more important than toilet paper to me

  15. Macca

    This stuff is Insane!! 1st time trying and it was on another level, 2 tokes and it was Goodnight

  16. cjwalsh68

    Nice and consistent.

  17. Garry

    Wow this is strong
    If you have not had it before treat it with a little respect don’t be gready.
    Then strap yourself in for a big hit.
    After the first time a used a smaller cone so I was able to function a lot better.

  18. Unclear

    Betty is bewtifully bewdigul. Treat her well and you’re on a sure thing. Tip Top A+

  19. Happy

    Strongest product on this website! Awesome customer support! Delivery is swift!

  20. W H

    A++ strong stuff… Recommend++

  21. Ayman

    fast kick.. Great stuff..

  22. Emily

    Wonderful product, great contact, and service. Postage was a little slow, but I’m relatively remote. Very thankful that I found this site. Definitely recommend!!

  23. Kate

    Great product! Super fast delivery. It is by far the strongest on the market and I will 100% be buying again and recommending to my friends.

  24. Bella

    Very nice. Smooth. Intense initially. Intensity eases off in about 20-30 minutes, which is perfect amount of time for me. Any longer would compromise my ability to keep my responsible grown up hat from falling off completely.

  25. cjwalsh68

    Excellent. No worries bro. It’s All good

  26. Bewdigul


  27. Sharise

    Awesome products, fast delivery

  28. lealawrie333

    Great service,fast easy delivery & VERY satisfying products!!!!

  29. liltommys_

    Very strong not for beginners

  30. Derek

    Strong blend, only takes a little to achieve the desired effect 🙂

  31. marionnorris

    Great product! Probably the strongest I’ve ever tried. Highly recommended.

  32. Trin18

    Everything nice and easy with these guys. Highly recommended. Great smoke ,BIG hit. And super fast delivery. Thank you ????

  33. Martin

    Excellent app any easy to pay. With speed of delivery I am very satisfied.

  34. Martin

    Excellent app any easy to pay. With speed of delivery I am very satisfied.

  35. Marion

    Excellent product. Big hit! Strongest I’ve had.

  36. dan

    This Product was smoother then my other blend,
    and Packs a Major Wallop… Very Nice Product!!!

  37. Adam

    Thanks! Very happy

  38. thinkaboutchange2

    We agree with the previous reviews this stuff is not for amateurs. It is as HARD as it gets. If its something you want to get into put your big boy or big girl pants on.

  39. Squidtits

    I’ve done kronic and northern lights etc but this shit right here is hardcore! Had one while I was out and about and everything was a blur after that.

    • Legal High Group

      Thanks Squidtits

  40. Damo

    This one does pack quite a pleasant wallop-
    Easily one of the strongest I’ve tried-

  41. Elisa

    CAUTION – don’t try this by yourself unless your in good company – WOW!

  42. Dylan

    Damn!! Good stuff great smell insanely strong. no begginer should touch this. Tip have 1 strap yourself into your safety corner and hold on haha

  43. simon

    Great product highly rate it, Great service.

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